Penny Parker Tower Letter


Big Stone Lake

I am writing to voice my deep concern about the proposed Strata quarry development.

I am a Big Stone City, South Dakota citizen so I have no territorial right to even get involved in this issue. I do, however, have a moral and ethical responsibility to share my concerns with those who have thepower right now to make a difference not only in my life and the lives of those living here now, but more importantly, a difference in the lives of the generations that will come.

Much has been written on this matter. Studies have been done. Meetings have taken place. There is no need to restate what has been stated. I simply ask the leaders of Big Stone County to consider very, very carefully before you vote on this matter. Listen to the murmurs in the community, which grow louder every day. Strata has had 6 years to prepare for what they want. The people you represent have had a little over a month. The decision you make, on behalf of your constituents, will affect this region (which includes the neighboring South Dakota land and residents as well) for 130 years to come. I believe there are other “win-win” doors that can be opened to bring the revenue needed for the future of our community. I ask you to have the courage to sit quietly with yourself and discern what choice will be for the highest
good of all.

Penny Parker Tower
Big Stone City, SD

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