Sneak preview: High Plains Reader to publish Mastel feature on Thursday, May 10

Clark rides off

Will cowboy Clark Mastel be forced to ride away from his cattle operation? Photo by Krista Kay Hartman.

Friends of Clark Mastel are excited about the news that tomorrow’s High Plains Reader will publish a feature about the Ortonville Township Angus rancher’s struggle over Strata Corporation’s plans to open a three-phrase blast and crush granite quarry on the pasture he’s rented for 33 years.

Published right in Strata Corporation’s back yard, Fargo’s High Plains Reader is the Red River Valley’s only alt-weekly.

Ortonville photographer Krista Kay Hartman interviewed Mastel and toured his operation for a photo shoot last week. Update: here’s the link. [end update]

Big Stone Bolder will excerpt and link to the feature when it’s posted tomorrow.

In the meantime, we’re posting this teaser of two photos Hartman captured.  Hartman said that the photo shot was an incredible experience, and before it was done,  Clark had her on horseback–seeing the property from the vantage point enjoyed by the hundreds of people who have taken the annual ride across the land.


Clark boulders

Rancher Clark Mastel and some of Big Stone County’s boulders, threatened by Strata Corporation’s blast and crush quarry proposal. Photo by Krista Kay Hartman..

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