Video: Brian Wojtalewicz asks the Big Stone County Board, “What are your values?”

Brian Wojtalewicz

At the county board's hearing on the Strata CUP, Brian Wojtalewicz summarized the choices many of us face as we consider our actions. Photo by Eric V Adams

We’re working on editing a short “highlights reel” of video clips from Tuesday night’s public hearing about the Strata before the Big Stone County Board–there’s so much wonderful new testimony from the three hours!  As it is, perhaps one of the shortest statements of the evening catches the overall question confronting the commissioners.

After listening to the testimony, Madison, MN, attorney Brian Wojtalewicz asked to speak, although he had not signed up at the beginning of the meeting. The board graciously granted his request and he kept it short, asking them, “What are your values?”

“In watching everyone speak tonight, I realized there was a common thread,” Wojtalewicz began. “. . . I think it goes to a fundamental decisions that you’ll be making for your county.”

“This country talks a lot about values. . . .What are your values?” he continued. “. . .The decision you’re going to make goes to fundamental  Photovalues for your hometown.”

Wojtalewicz  went on to outline the four kinds of choices that the commissioners have to make about Strata. Watch the Youtube below to learn what they are.

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